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Experience in Sydney Area

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On-Time & On-Budget

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Are You Looking for certainty in your next Building Project ?

Something that will exceed your expectations, and something that you would be proud to call Home!! It’s Our guarantee!!

Its’ a big claim, this confidence is the result of many projects built and lessons learned in our building experience. Experience shows us there are several things clients find alarming about any construction project…and we make sure they never happen:

  • Unpleasant Surprises: all our work is outlined in details, and therefore everyone has the same objectives.
  • Budget blow outs: your price is fixed, as listed in the contract
  • Fear of poor workmanship: We stand by our work, AND all work is covered by our 6 year (structural - if you need to add clarity) warranty.
  • Damage to your property: In the unlikely event such a thing should happen, we are fully insured for Public Liability.
  • Your home is left a mess: We always clean up at the finish and do a final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Imagine how you will feel when your home or project is finished on time, looks just like you want and all within budget. Everything is clean so you can relax and enjoy the new look.

    "Building inspections during Construction"


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