From experience our two main types of customer include

Granny Flats

Granny Flats


Sleepouts / Bungalows

Custom Plans

Custom Plans



We’ve had great success building quality homes in Greater Sydney and are looking to expand our building area.

If you are outside our current building area we would still like to talk with you.

We are very experienced in analysing council requirements to ensure the approval process is as timely as possible.

New housing Estates or Knock Down and Rebuilds, we have great experience in both.

Below is map of the areas we are currently building in.

If you are outside of this area, feel free to fill out your contact details.



From experience our two main types of customer include


Over 10 Years Building Experience in Sydney Area

Large Track Record of Delivering On-Time & On-Budget

Careful Planning, Communication & Design to Bring Your Dreams to Life


1. Initial Enquiry / FREE Site Visit

Our FREE site inspection will identify any initial issues or costs to ensure that your concept is feasible. Our Sales Manager will meet with you to understand your requirements, vision, and budget. Allow 1 hour for this meeting.

Before your FREE Site Visit you need to consider the following:

  • Do you already have plans? Have these been approved by Council?
  • If not, consider the type of house you would like to build (e.g. single or double storey).
  • The features you would like to have (e.g. four bedrooms, home theatre, open plan living area, etc).
  • The style of home (e.g. modern or traditional).
  • When you are planning to build/move in.
  • Your construction and finishing budget.
  • Is your finance in place?
2. Initial Design Phase

If you decide to proceed to the next stage with Tekton Building Group, you will pay an initial design fee. This enables us to obtain a detailed site survey and begin designing your new home concept sketch and you will complete the first round of selections ie. Externals such as bricks, tiles, windows, etc. and we will prepare a fixed price quote according to your initial specifications.

3. Fixed Price Quotation

Once you have signed off the fixed price quotation, a second design fee is required. Fully dimensional working drawings and Hydraulic Engineers DA concept drawings are developed, your Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certification (CDC) is lodged, the Basix Certificate and any Waste Management or Environmental Statements are obtained. Our interior decorator and preferred supplier consultants will assist you to complete the second round of selections ie. Internals such as tiles, tapware, colours, etc.

4. Council & Planning Approvals

Upon obtaining DA / CDC approvals, you will be required to sign an Housing Industry Association (NSW) Building Contract and pay a Commencement Fee of 5% less any design fees already paid. Your Financial Institution’s Authority is required at this time.

5. Construction

Once your final Contract has been signed and all necessary approvals have been received, building works on your new home can commence. When knocking down and rebuilding, construction will commence after demolition; when building a new home, construction will commence 14 days after the Contract is signed. Our experienced Site Supervisors will manage this phase of your build.

6. Completion & Handover

Just prior to handover, our Site Supervisor will contact you to make an appointment for the final inspection of your new home. You will be required to make your final payment which will include any variations and provisional sums that need to be adjusted. Once received, the keys to your new dream home will be handed to you. Congratulations!

7. Maintenance & Warranty

Tekton building Group offers a 3 month maintenance and defects liability period on all of their homes. Statutory warranties are in effect for 6 years for major defects and 2 years for all other defects. All terms commence from the date when the work was completed.


1. How long will it take to get approval before we can start building a granny flat?

It usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks to gain Complying Development Approval. It is important to keep in mind that each property is different and in turn are assessed individually under the State Environmental Planning Policy, also known as the SEPP.

2. Do we have to gain approval from our local council to build a granny flat or can it be done through a private certifier?

Private certifiers have authority to assess and approve the construction of granny flats. The benefit of gaining approval through a private certifier is that the process is much quicker than submitting documents through a local council. Once your granny flat is approved, the documents are still sent over to your local council for their records.

3. What is a Private Certifier?

Private certifiers are qualified and professional entities that are entitled to issue approval and permits for construction proposals, either residential or commercial.

4. Do all councils in Sydney allow Granny flats?

Yes. However, you will need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions, which may prevent a granny flat being built on your block. This is usually highlighted in the 10.7 Planning certificate (formally known as a 149 Planning certificate) that can be purchased from your local council. This document can also be located in the contract of sale of the property.

5. Do I have to use a standard design?

No. At Tekton we specialise in custom designed granny flats to suit your property, however we also have a few floor plan designs that you can select from. You will have the opportunity to sit with our design team to put together a concept.

6. What is the maximum size granny flat I can build?

The maximum size for a granny flat, built as a secondary dwelling, is 60 m2. An attached garage with a roller door can also be constructed.

7. Are there any guidelines I need to meet when building a granny flat on my property?

Yes. All guidelines must comply with the current legislation which is called the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, otherwise known as the ‘SEPP’. We can talk further about your property if we need to do a DA Approval. If you comply under a CDC approval and your property is 450m2 the setbacks for a granny flat need to be:

  • 2 meters from the rear fence
  • 0.9 meters from the side fence
8. Can I attach a granny flat to my house?

Yes. However, extra measures will need to be taken in consideration to ensure that proper fire-rated walls are built between the connecting walls.

9. Are there any hidden costs with Tekton Builders?

No. We pride ourselves on no hidden costs. We provide a fixed price quote after we have completed a free site inspection on your property. Any additional costs that are not included are specified in our tender. This is our guarantee to you.