Our experts can help you decide whether an extension or a renovation is the best solution for your individual needs. We look at many variables to ensure that we understand your individual circumstances and can provide the optimal design for your dream home.

Some of the items we take into account are the existing attributes of your home and site orientation – we like to get the north sun into your living areas. We look at how you live day to day, what the optimal storage is for each area and we make sure the flow of the house works correctly. We can provide flexibility in areas that change as your family’s requirements change – for example, a playroom for children can be used as a study in the future.


1. Design

Tektons role is to work with you to design and deliver the best renovation that you can achieve for the money you wish to spend.

We provide 2D or 3D visuals so that you can see exactly what will be built. During this stage, an indicative budget expectation will be provided.

2. Build

With Tektons end-to-end design-and-build renovation service, you can be assured of a hassle-free project.

Talk to your Renovation specialist about assurance and guarantee for your project.

3. Project Management

Renovating is a complicated process and trades need to be constantly managed during the process. Our team and network of tradespeople so we can ensure that your project is not held up because the plumber doesn’t turn up or it rains and the painters can’t work that day.


I Have Plans & Need A Builder

Step 1 – Contact Tekton Building Group For A Free No Obligation Consultation

This is probably the most important meeting to fully understand your project. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the design concept, budget, council considerations, etc to help ascertain whether the project is likely to be viable given the determined constraints.

Step 2 – Budget

Once the initial consultation has taken place we will provide you with a preliminary budget of your project which sets the foundation. It is important for both parties to be open in the discussions on the budget as sometimes, with full knowledge, we are able to offer a much better design and/or include additional features at minimal extra cost.

Step 3 – Submit Plans To Council And Start The Selection Process

The selection process begins soon after the plans are submitted to council provides us with as much time as possible for procurement. This includes selection of fixtures and fittings, engineering plans, paint colours, lighting requirements, these are just a few.

Step 4 – Obtain Final Building Approval & Finalise Quote

Once selections are complete we will advise you have any additional changes to cost before preparing the Fixed Price Contract.

Step 5 – Construction

Every project is given the same level of attention at this stage with the Directors of the company overseeing all work. Being a custom builder no job is exactly the same and we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time round.

Our onsite management procedures outline construction schedules, client and builer site meetings to keep you informed the whole way.

Step 6 – Handover

The Construction Manager for your project will arrange regular on-site meetings with you throughout the project to ensure all is going to plan and you are fully informed of progress. As we get towards completion it becomes increasingly important to keep communication between all parties at a maximum so everything comes together for handover and entering your newly completed renovation or extension is a fabulous experience.

I Need Design Ideas and a Builder

Our 5 Stage Building Design Service

Tektons home renovation and extension design team will look after you every step of the way by providing a complete architectural design and construction service. Our in house design team can develop an original and functional new home design to fit your lifestyle needs and budget requirements.

Step 1

You will meet with one of our designers to discuss your extension or renovation design needs, your wishes, the ‘look’ you want to achieve and your budget. Use this time to personalise your project, tell us your goals, show us pictures you may have collected along the way of homes you like and brainstorm your ideas with us. A concept design plan will be discussed in line with your proposed budget.

Step 2

Once you are completely comfortable with the information provided we can begin to discuss the next step which is the documentation stage. This will be presented to you in the form of a preliminary agreement and includes the preparation of building engineering and town planning plans, soil reports and final contract specifications.

Step 3

Based on our meeting with you, our skilled designer will then prepare a draft concept design. You will meet with your designer again to review and confirm that we have interpreted your ideas correctly and the home design is what you are looking to achieve. If required, any changes are made to accommodate your needs.

Step 4

Once the design is approved by you, our estimator will prepare a Budget Estimate and preliminary specifications that outlines what is included in the estimate. We again review this with you to confirm and make final adjustments. We guarantee our budget estimates to be within 5% of a fixed price quote/contract based on the information we have at this point.

Step 5

Once you are satisfied with all of the relevant documents you will be presented with a copy of a standard Housing Industry Association Standard Building Contract’ for your review. The contract includes a fixed completion date and the home owners warranty guarantee.


Q1: What’s included?

Your design concept will come with a costed estimate brief that details all the inclusions. A full specification is issued once designs are finalised ready for a HIA Fixed Price Contract.

Q2: When can you start?

In most cases, approx. six weeks after contract signing (subject to Town Planning)

Q3: Can we remain living in the house while the renovations are under construction?

Yes, in some cases the company can minimise the time away from the home with proper planning of the project. If you are able to retain a bathroom and toilet with room for some type of temporary kitchen you may be able to remain in the house with little disturbance to your family routine.



Build in metro Sydney suburbs


Obligation free consultations


Ground floor and 2nd storey home extensions


Total makeovers


10 Year Structural Guarantee