From large free standing estates to Hampton style homes, to the suburban cottage feel to inner-city terraces.

We have worked on all block shapes and sizes nothing is too difficult from 3m wide terraces to large outlook on farm estates.



We’ve had great success building quality homes in Greater Sydney and are looking to expand our building area.

If you are outside our current building area we would still like to talk with you.

We are very experienced in analysing council requirements to ensure the approval process is as timely as possible.

New housing Estates or Knock Down and Rebuilds, we have great experience in both.

Below is map of the areas we are currently building in.

If you are outside of this area, feel free to fill out your contact details.

Top-Notch Custom Home Builders


Tekton Building Group – The Best Custom Home Builders In Sydney

At Tekton Building Group, we pride ourselves on being the best custom home builders in Sydney. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and in this period, we have created a splendid reputation for ourselves. People know us as an organisation that offers them quality. We have committed ourselves to providing our clients with a completely customised building experience. We want to make them a home that offers flexibility and sustainability. One that would meet their lifestyle requirements.

We work across the region, especially in locations such as:

We offer a wide array of services to our clients. We enumerate them as below:

  • custom home building
  • bathroom renovations
  • extensions and renovations
  • kitchen renovations
  • commercial services
  • environment-friendly and smart construction
  • granny flats
  • building consultancy

If clients want to know more about our services, all they need to do is to call us up at 0422 605 380 and 1300997775. If they want, they can also mail us at and, visit our website or visit our offices at South Penrith, New South Wales.

How can we assist our clients in building custom homes?

As the top custom home builders in Sydney, there are many ways in which we can help our clients. If our clients want us to build a customised home for them, we will work in tandem with them. This helps us design their dream investment property or home perfectly. We also have plenty of designs of our own. If they want us to, we can customise them too. We are also more than happy to work with their architects so we can bring their vision to life.

How can we assist our clients with our project homes?

We have a great in-house design team that has a wide array of project homes that are as stunning as they are affordable. We focus strongly on being environmentally sustainable for such projects. If our clients want, we can customise these properties. So that they meet the specific demands that they have.

How do we help our clients with our tailored services?

Using our renowned knowledge and expertise in the industry, we work with our clients to create stunning and achievable designs, that we bring to life. Our professional licensed builders help all our clients achieve their dream home by guiding them and getting their input every step of the project. So that they can have a home that meets their tastes and lifestyle.

Our professionals will also work to make sure that the building experience is productive and does not cause any stress. For this reason, people know us as the top custom home builders in Sydney.

The key factor of affordability

We are among the only few builders in the region who can offer such high-class custom design, building, and drafting services at such affordable rates. We recognise the fact that it is not every day that people build a new home. Therefore, we always try to do our best at all the projects we work in.


1.  To take full advantage of your block of land

At tekton, we believe a  

home should be designed specifically to make the most of your block of land. 

Our design process takes into account all aspects of the site in the context of how you intend to use it, and the various local restrictions that might apply, including planning schemes and zones, covenants and easements. 

In addition, we explore the opportunities specific site presents. Is there potential for a view of the city, mountains or bay? Is there a slope to work with (not against), a laneway at the rear, or a peculiar shape or orientation? 

Whatever the case, we view it as an opportunity for clever, practical and beautiful design. 

We look at how best to incorporate your key priorities, whether they include an outdoor area with pool, multiple undercover car spaces, or a specific number and size of rooms. Of course, at the same time, we’ll be making provision for all the ‘usual’ services, such as clotheslines, hot water units, and air-conditioning systems. 

By fully understanding the site and your ideas from the outset, we can maximise every aspect of the project, ensuring you get the best possible living space, style and value from your land. 

2. To suit your way of life

Of course, there are plenty of nice homes you could live in, things in a home you could put up with, or things you could live without, but the whole point of working with Tekton is that is designed specifically to match your lifestyle. 

At Tekton, we believe the best reason of all to create custom-designed home is to ensure you get all the things you want in your home, created in a way that works perfectly for you and your family. This is your opportunity to get… 

  • The look you want 
  • The gourmet kitchen you’ve always dreamed of 
  • That garage or basement for your special car 
  • That ensuite like the one at the resort you stayed in 
  • Your ideal indoor-outdoor entertaining area with the pool 
  • A music room, library or wine cellar 

Whatever it is your heart desires, we can deliver it. 

3. To meet your budget

Thirdly, we believe a custom-designed home should make the most of your budget. 

By designing your home to suit your land, and taking advantage of the site’s attributes, we can achieve considerable efficiencies in terms of construction and site works. 

Furthermore, by understanding your specific priorities, we can ensure that the budget is allocated accordingly – dedicating an appropriate amount of the budget to the features and elements that are most important to you. We then look at ways to maximise efficiency in areas of less importance, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. 

Our vast experience, supplier networks and processes enable us to explore various options in terms of design, materials, construction methodology, fittings, fixtures and appliances, ensuring we can choose the best options to meet your vision and budget. 

And because we handle both the design and construction processes, we are able to price-check the concept drawings and provide clear and accurate budget advice early in the design stage, preventing costly surprises later on. 

4. To give you maximum value

Finally, a custom-designed, Tektonbuilt home delivers much better ‘end value’ in two key respects: 

  • Resale value. Because our homes exude a timeless elegance and are built using the highest-quality materials and premium craftsmanship, your home will hold its value, whether you decide to make a move in just a few years’ time, or decades into the future. 
  • Lifestyle value. While it’s hard to put a price on happiness, you should never underestimate the value of living in a home that is perfectly designed to suit the way you and your family want to live (and is the envy of others!). 

It simply makes sense to choose a proven and experienced design and construction specialist like Tekton Building Group to bring your dream sydney home to life. 


Two types of people we work with

Architects wanting their designs

to come to life

Couples & Families looking to build

their dream home


From experience our two main types of customer include

Over 10 Years Building Experience in Sydney Area

Large Track Record of Delivering On-Time & On-Budget

Careful Planning, Communication & Design to Bring Your Dreams to Life


1. Initial Enquiry / FREE Site Visit

Our FREE site inspection will identify any initial issues or costs to ensure that your concept is feasible. Our Sales Manager will meet with you to understand your requirements, vision, and budget. Allow 1 hour for this meeting.

Before your FREE Site Visit you need to consider the following:

  • Do you already have plans? Have these been approved by Council?
  • If not, consider the type of house you would like to build (e.g. single or double storey).
  • The features you would like to have (e.g. four bedrooms, home theatre, open plan living area, etc).
  • The style of home (e.g. modern or traditional).
  • When you are planning to build/move in.
  • Your construction and finishing budget.
  • Is your finance in place?
2. Initial Design Phase

If you decide to proceed to the next stage with Tekton Building Group, you will pay an initial design fee. This enables us to obtain a detailed site survey and begin designing your new home concept sketch and you will complete the first round of selections ie. Externals such as bricks, tiles, windows, etc. and we will prepare a fixed price quote according to your initial specifications.

3. Fixed Price Quotation

Once you have signed off the fixed price quotation, a second design fee is required. Fully dimensional working drawings and Hydraulic Engineers DA concept drawings are developed, your Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certification (CDC) is lodged, the Basix Certificate and any Waste Management or Environmental Statements are obtained. Our interior decorator and preferred supplier consultants will assist you to complete the second round of selections ie. Internals such as tiles, tapware, colours, etc.

4. Council & Planning Approvals

Upon obtaining DA / CDC approvals, you will be required to sign an Housing Industry Association (NSW) Building Contract and pay a Commencement Fee of 5% less any design fees already paid. Your Financial Institution’s Authority is required at this time.

5. Construction

Once your final Contract has been signed and all necessary approvals have been received, building works on your new home can commence. When knocking down and rebuilding, construction will commence after demolition; when building a new home, construction will commence 14 days after the Contract is signed. Our experienced Site Supervisors will manage this phase of your build.

6. Completion & Handover

Just prior to handover, our Site Supervisor will contact you to make an appointment for the final inspection of your new home. You will be required to make your final payment which will include any variations and provisional sums that need to be adjusted. Once received, the keys to your new dream home will be handed to you. Congratulations!

7. Maintenance & Warranty

Tekton building Group offers a 3 month maintenance and defects liability period on all of their homes. Statutory warranties are in effect for 6 years for major defects and 2 years for all other defects. All terms commence from the date when the work was completed.