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Tekton Building Group – The Best Custom Home Builders In Jamisontown 

There are some excellent reasons why we – Tekton Building Group – are the best custom home builders in Jamisontown. The first is that we are an effective, exceptional, and efficient organisation. Our clients can always trust us to complete their projects within the contractually stipulated time. We offer no excuses because we do not need to. We are that good! We never take on a lot of projects at a time. Therefore, we can concentrate fully on the projects we are doing. This helps us make the stunning homes that people know us for.    

We make sure that we get our work right, straight to the last detail.

The services we offer for our clients

One of the major reasons why we people hold us in such high esteem in the industry is because of the wide variety of services we offer. Our major services include custom home building, extensions and renovations, kitchen renovations, commercial services and granny flats.

As an organisation, our only focus is on getting the results right for our clients.

The process we follow for our work

We are an effective building and construction company that operates on the basis of certain fundamental principles. We make sure that the homes we build are better than any of our business rivals can do. We also complete all our projects on time. However, this does not mean that we rush with the work and cut corners. It is this magnificent approach to work that has made us the top custom home builders in Jamisontown. Our team believes in working smart. 

A fast and efficient builder

We are one of the top builders of luxury homes in the area. We also assure our clients that we would complete our work much faster than any other of our peers in the region could. This is one of the many ways in which we can save the money of our clients. Our clients may have taken a big mortgage on their property. In that case, it is only natural that they would want a builder who can complete the work fast and well.

In every construction project, one has to deal with a lot of obstacles. However, we are well experienced masters in handling them. Our team won’t be taken by surprise if they should arise.

The process we follow for designing our clients’ homes

As the top custom home builders in Jamisontown, we are also one of the best in designing the new properties that our clients want us to build. We can offer many plans for our clients. If they have already thought of some plans, we can help them draw it on paper. 

We also use the latest technology such as 3D modelling to help our clients get an idea of how the final product would look like. So as a client, you can get the best idea of how your future home would look like, right from the start.


Something that will exceed your expectations, and something that you would be proud to call Home!! It’s Our guarantee!!

Its’ a big claim, this confidence is the result of many projects built and lessons learned in our building experience. Experience shows us there are several things clients find alarming about any construction project…and we make sure they never happen.


NO unpleasant Surprises. All our work is outlined in detail, and therefore everyone has the same objectives.


Budget blow outs. Your price is fixed, as listed in the contract.


Fear of poor workmanship. We stand by our work, AND all work is covered by our 6 years (structural – if you need to add clarity) warranty.


Damage to your property. In the unlikely event such a thing should happen, we are fully insured for Public Liability.


Your home is left a mess. We always clean up at the finish and do a final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Imagine how you will feel when your home or project is finished on time, looks just like you want and all within budget. Everything is clean so you can relax and enjoy the new look.


As a local family owned business, we believe that it’s the little things that matter and we take pride in our services. Specialising in custom new home builds, renovations, extensions, and granny flats, we work closely with you to meticulously craft your project no matter the size. Please contact us to see if we can work with you to build or transform your home.

Over 10 Years Building Experience in Sydney Area


Thanks a lot for all your work! I’d love to use your services again n again for the following reasons: – Prompt and genuine quotes, Value for money, – Professional service, Warranty In fact I have used your services 3 times now and have recommended you to all my friends so far! Keep up the good work mate! Wishing u all the best!

Cheers, Nitin. V Glenwood

Shane’s team is fast, efficient, reliable and very hard working with great flexibility to your needs.

Jade, Interior designer, Mosman

Shane has sound construction knowledge and has put together a fantastic group of tradesmen. I have always found Shane to be honest, easy to approach and hard working.

I would not hesitate in recommending Shane Leggatt to future clients or employees

Michael, Architect