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Welcome to Tekton

Tekton Building group started as a small house builder and has quickly grown into a medium size house builder will great influence and history within the market. With over a decade of experience working in the building industry, building family homes, and bringing dreams to a reality. We have thus seen a need to create a bigger footprint here at Tekton Building Group. The name Tekton comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “Master Craftsmen”. We pride ourselves on the entire building process not just the construction side. We take you on a journey from Design through to development and approvals all the way through to the final peace of construction. We understand most clients single biggest asset in their lifetime will be their house. Tekton Builders have a unique process that we follow in order that all the particulars of what you envision and are trying to achieve whether it be a New house build or a renovation is achieved with success.

We have therefore created many assets to Tekton Building Group that make our value highly regarded. Not only do we specialise in New home construction and Renovations and extensions. This has allowed us to therefore create Tekton Building Consultants who are active in the building industry and have a high level of detail that we use on our own projects as well as performing building inspections, and defect reports at clients request. What sets us apart as we are up to date with relevant standards and legislation. We are active in the building industry not like most inspectors who tend to consult into their retirement.

Tekton building group have also developed one of our most important features to our company the “Construct Smart App”. This app was designed as a result of seeing too many builders and home owners go down the vicious cycle of court claims and defect reports. We have found through research and development that this could have been avoided had an ordered way of documentation and communication been available in a logical and easy to follow way. That’s why we came up with Construct Smart, and easy to use app that allow home owners and Builders to communicate in one source where all documentation is checked and everything is signed off by both parties. It brings text message, email, phone and site conversations into one easy to use format that make all building projects and enjoy and unforgettable experience.

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