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– Managing Director Shane Leggatt

With humble beginnings as a small home builder, our passion for construction is rooted in bringing our clients’ dreams – whether modest or larger than life – into reality.

Regardless of the scale of your project, we make sure that your ideas are heard and developed alongside our expert team of planners and architects.

Whether it’s putting together a rock-solid foundation to ensure swift and flawless completion plans, presenting unique takes on colours, designs, and functionality, or even providing a wealth of tried-and-tested knowledge surrounding construction – we’re a team that takes every angle into account for our clients.

We’re always looking for more dreams to realize – perhaps it’s time to share yours!

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What Sets Us Apart?

We Make The Best Of Every Square Foot


At Tekton, we believe that every unit of your property represents great untapped potential. Through a thorough audit of your personal expectations and requests, we solve the puzzle of working around local restrictions such as planning schemes, zones, covenants and easements so that you don’t have to.

We also apply contextual thinking to our designs and building plans. Is there potential for a beautiful view, or easy connectivity to adjacent roads? Are there ways to better incorporate and link requested features, without compromising on the essentials?

We aim to fully understand your ideas and each site’s unique properties – giving our clients a creative, practical, and stunning design every single time.

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We Look At Budgets, Realistically

Forget about vague promises and conveniently crunched numbers that change down the line – we take efficiency serious, especially when it comes to your hard-earned money.

Armed with experience, supplier networks, and cutting-edge processes, we aim to have as many options as possible available to us in terms of design, materials, construction methodologies, fittings, fixtures and appliances. With a vast spectrum to choose from, we tailor every project to maximize the features that are important to you, while taking an efficient yet focused approach to non-key areas.

Since we handle both design and construction, we provide an accurate, realistic estimate for all our projects early in the design stage. If there’s one thing we don’t tolerate, it’s unwanted ‘surprises’ down the road.

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We Provide Long Lasting Value

Tekton’s quality-first approach to construction offers more than just a thorough building process – our values shine long after you’ve gotten used to your new home.

For starters, we aim to design timeless homes and commercial spaces that hold their value for decades. Paired with premium materials and craftsmanship, you can bet that future buyers will notice our attention to detail just as much as you will.

Trust us when we say that while resale value is important, the most valuable thing we offer to our clients is the promise of a home suited perfectly to your tastes. There’s no price for a place that brings a smile to your face, every time you walk in (and perhaps makes your neighbours a tiny bit jealous!)

We Buld For Lifestyles

There’s no shortage of good homes around Sydney – but there’s no replacement for a home designed and nurtured right from the drawing board, just for you and your family.

Building a home should be looked at as an opportunity to create the perfect environment for all your little interests and wants. Whether this refers to a specific aesthetic, a beautiful outdoor entertainment area, or even a pool, wine cellar or music studio.

We can design your dream home that is perfect for your lifestyle. We at Tekton will listen and discuss with you everything that you need.

Your heart calls out, and our team answers.

10+ Years Of Fulfilled Clients In the Sydney Area


Thanks a lot for all your work! I’d love to use your services again n again for the following reasons: – Prompt and genuine quotes, Value for money, – Professional service, Warranty In fact I have used your services 3 times now and have recommended you to all my friends so far! Keep up the good work mate! Wishing u all the best!

Cheers, Nitin. V Glenwood

Shane’s team is fast, efficient, reliable and very hard working with great flexibility to your needs.

Jade, Interior designer, Mosman

Shane has sound construction knowledge and has put together a fantastic group of tradesmen. I have always found Shane to be honest, easy to approach and hard working.

I would not hesitate in recommending Shane Leggatt to future clients or employees

Michael, Architect


From experience our two main types of customer include


Over 10 Years Building Experience in Sydney Area

Large Track Record of Delivering On-Time & On-Budget

Careful Planning, Communication & Design to Bring Your Dreams to Life


  • Custom new homes 
  • commercial properties
  • renovations
  • extensions
  • Consulting
  • Design services
  • Architectural Planning
  • Da approval
  • Solar Passive design
  • Café fit outs
  • Church Halls
  • tilt panel construction.

We take pride in our ability to deliver, project after project. While we’ve come a long way, we still hold the same fair values as a local, family-owned business, even a decade down the line.

If you’re looking forward to building your dream home, we are too. Please contact us and let’s work together on the project of a lifetime.


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Our 7-Step Building Process

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1. Free Initial Enquiry

We offer a 1-hour initial meeting that includes an on-site inspection, audit of your requirements, preferences, vision, and budget – absolutely free.

2. Design Phase

Once you’ve come into agreement with our sales managers at Tekton, you can get the design phase started with an initial design fee. Before giving you a fixed price quote, we will cover:

  • A detailed site survey
  • New home concept sketches
  • First round of material selections; bricks, tiles, windows, etc.
3. Fixed Price Quotation

From here, we proceed to the next design phase, with a second design fee payment. We kick things up a notch here, starting with:

  • Fully dimensional working drawings
  • Hydraulic Engineer DA concept drawings
  • Obtaining Development Application or Complying Development Certification documents
  • Obtaining Basix Certificates, waste management and environmental standards
  • Second round of material selections, assisted by our interior decorator and supplier consultants
4. Council & Planning Approvals

You will now be required to sign a Housing Industry Association (NSW) Building Contract and pay a Commencement Fee of 5% less than any design fees already paid.

5. Construction Phase

Finally, we can begin with the actual work! If necessary, we begin with knocking down and rebuilding – a process that starts 14 days after your contract is signed.

At this stage, our experienced site supervisors will take control and ensure this phase is managed properly.

6. Completion & Handover

After the construction schedule is complete, our site supervisor will contact you to share the good news – your home is finally ready for your final inspection. After final payments regarding any variations and provisional sums, we will hand over the keys to your new dream home. Congratulations!

7. Maintenance & Warranty

At Tekton, we take our guarantees seriously, with a 3-month maintenance and defects liability on all our projects. We also honour statutory warranties for 6 years for major defects, and 2 years for all other defects.

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When It Comes To Our Clients, We Keep The Bar Raised

With a solid repertoire of experience in all matters construction, Tekton can confidently say that while potential clients may obsess over potential mishaps, errors, and dishonest dealings – there’s no one more serious than us when it comes to client satisfaction.

As a proud member of the Master Builders Association NSW and Housing Industry Australia

We make sure that the following will never happen to your projects:

Unpleasant Surprises

As a team, we strive to stay on the same page and keep our communication channels active at each stage of every project – mistakes and communication lapses aren’t something you’ll find with us.

Budget Blowouts

What you see is what you get – when we fix a contractual price with you, we mean it.

Poor Workmanship

We hire the best and brightest in the business, and stand by their skills – our work is covered by a solid 6-year warranty.

Damage to your Property

In the unlikely event such a thing should happen, we are fully insured for Public Liability.

An Unclean, Messy Final Product

We make sure that your home is absolutely spotless by the time a final inspection is ready – no one on our team signs off until you do.

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What We Won’t Do For You:

Sacrificing Quality For Cost

Building a home or commercial property can be done in a myriad of ways – all at varying quality levels. Many builders choose to lowball customers and speed up projects to get a quicker payday – leaving you to deal with the resultant mess.

Poor Fit & Finish

When it comes to building your own project, even the tiniest imperfections can ruin your satisfaction with the final result. Without builders who crave absolute precision and focus, you’ll constantly find mistakes and cut corners throughout your property.

Half-hearted Project Management

We’ve all come across them – project managers who set and then ignore schedules, forget to keep team members in the loop, and leave customers hanging for days. In construction, a team is only as useful as the planning and coordination that works behind the scenes.

It’s easy for any construction business to preach the values of reliability and commitment – only to spin their wheels when things get going.

Fortunately, shoddy companies give us an opportunity to highlight what we at Tekton take great care to avoid – from mismanaged timeframes to deceptive quality standards.

We believe in principled, honest work that speaks for itself.

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